A Different Social Club for a Different Time


The mission of The Register is to redefine the social club experience through our updated services, multiple locations, off-market investment opportunities, and the ability to network with a class of successful business professionals. We set out to foster a community that links traditional financial sectors with the emerging financial market.

Other clubs saddle their members with big monthly membership dues, limited service, outdated experiences, and geographic limitations. And, it goes without saying, they don’t accept blockchain technology. Not here. The Register is a different social club for a different time.

Members have access to our Experience Specialists to help them make dinner reservations, plan a trip, or buy a Lamborghini — with cash, credit card, or even the blockchain. The Register is changing what it means to belong to a social club with services like these unheard of at older and more traditional clubs.

The Register is the only social club of its kind, and we’re looking to grow our ranks with more business leaders, entrepreneurs, big thinkers, and people pushing the boundaries in any industry. Memberships are limited — apply today to join.